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Dream 9-10-16

September 10, 2016

My wife and I had a new baby. He was tiny, but very alert, with a lot of smiles. We were supposed to take him to a place that was quite a distance away, to get him registered—i.e. something vaguely like a combination of birth certification and social security enrollment. We travelled a ways by bus, but then had to walk.

The rest of the trip was especially difficult because there had been a great deal of flooding. We had to find our way across fields and roads, over or around pools the size of small lakes, and over wire fences and then across ditches. There were crowds of people everywhere, coming and going. Finally we came to the right building, where we entered and climbed a narrow, crowded stairway. At the top we came to a door that was ajar, but which had so many cobwebs attached to it that I wondered whether it was the right door. It seemed as though it must be, so I opened it and we started to enter a room.

But in order to enter, we had to leave the baby in the stairwell with a lot of other people on the stairs. By this time the baby was around a year old. He was not much bigger than at the beginning, but he was walking, and had no fear of strangers. My wife and I went into the room and learned that we were at the right place, so I went back and got the baby. While we waited for our turn to register, we put the baby down on the floor and he walked around smiling at people.

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