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Larks!: Immigration

September 7, 2016

Persons and families from everywhere are encouraged to join the Larks! community. The people of Larks! enjoy the contemporary expression of the fullest possible variety of “roots.”

Fugitives from injustice are aided in making homes here, because the soul needs attentive healing, because as Huck put it, you just never know, and because they tend to understand the ravages of predatory hierarchy.

A good deal of assistance is available to help people adjust to life here. Their biggest problem is culture shock, as they realize that they are not accustomed to living in a culture of diminished hierarchy. People are not pressured to adjust their beliefs and lifestyles, nor are they expected to adjust rapidly, especially in their private lives. The positive spirit of the populace, and the advantages in local ways of doing things are attractive enough to affect voluntary changes, without stress and often without much consciousness of the way things are evolving.

[An intro to Larks! WA]

[Immigration in Allswell IN]

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