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What’s Happening / Sept 6

September 6, 2016

Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us, millions of Americans are beginning to pay attention to the coming election (according to conventional wisdom). So I’m thinking that the plot line needs an episode of regular updates of whut’s happnin in the race.

To bring new readers up to date:

The Republican Party, having spent the last 8 years becoming the party of Big Money, irrationality, lies, obstruction, and voter suppression, ironically found itself so fragmented that it forced itself to nominate the candidate that received the most votes in the primaries. A Big Money populist, for his support he drew from the minority of the electorate who most passionately believe the party’s lies and are most aggrieved by the results of its obstruction.

The Republican candidate is not looked upon favorably by the majority of the general population.

The Democratic Party, having agreed upon its 2016 candidate, a woman from its moderately conservative leadership family, in 2008, fought off an insurgency by its progressive wing, joined by a multitude of voters who came of voting age after 2008, by rallying voters for whom electing a woman is the dominant issue, along with Southern POC who overwhelmingly support the party’s incumbant President, who was a party to the agreement of 2008.

The Democratic candidate is not looked upon favorably by the majority of the general population.

The situation is somewhat fluid, with potential for chaos, seemingly predictable, but who knows?

As we start the countdown, the Democrat has the pole position.

And their off!

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