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Trump on Those Immigrants

September 4, 2016

Yuck. I put off Trump’s immigrant-bashing bullshit as long as I could, but now I’ve listened and watched his speech in Phoenix on Aug 31. I’m glad and sad that I did.

We’ve seen it before, at least on film, so we have the pattern at the ready; it’s one that we can easily slip into, and feel the rush of righteous energy. Or we have to painfully summon up enough depressed energy to resist it.

The aggressor is all love and calm reason as he begins to explain to an aggrieved majority of a diminished electorate that there are two kinds of people. There are true Americans (themselves), proud of their country, well-deserving of the fruits of their faith and labor, but deprived of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, even of life itself, by a crooked elite that could not care less about true Americans. It isn’t fair.

Now they are under attack by the others, the nonAmericans, terrorists, aliens who have snuck into the country, to be coddled and enabled by an incompetent and illegitimate government run by self-serving politicians. All those others are darlings of the crooked elite, undeserving, illegal, threatening, monstrous. Hordes of them.

He tells true Americans that those others, illegally in their country, are legion, are guilty of the most unimaginably heinous crimes that go unpunished, and are sucking their economic lifeblood. He is sick of it ‘til he is red in the face. He shouts his indignation. His jaw juts out. He will purge the country of those aliens. He hammers the air. He will order the police to strictly enforce the laws that should have kept those others out. The police know who they are. They will round them up. There will be swift justice, with humane, mass deportations. Life will be good again.

His intention is to whip up enough resentment, fear, hatred, the whole emotional package of rabid ignorance, in the true Americans, that they will come pouring out to the polls to vote for him, in righteous indignation, self-defense, lust for vengeance, and smell of victory.

Trump believes that that tactic, along with the voter suppression effort of the Republican party, and chaos, can win the presidency. If, somehow, he fails to win the presidency, he will still have won the loyalty of enough Republican voters that he can own the party, at least on the national level, to the benefit of his brand.

I’m thinking it all fell in place on August 31. This is only the beginning.

It’s hard to do justice to the cumulative effect of his repetitions: of references to monstrous crimes and swift justice; of the words enforcement, illegal, alien, and deportation (and he even said, when he first referred to “deportation,” that he’s aware that some people don’t like it if he uses that word; the man knows exactly what he’s doing); of gestures; and of his theme: horrific things are being done to wonderful people, by millions of criminals everywhere; this didn’t have to happen to you; it was done and is still being done by crooked people in an illegitimate government; if you join me in getting them out of government, I will make your troubles disappear.

Being a narrator, I’m easily outraged but not easily depressed or worried. Now I am.

But breathing.  Breathing.

[Pages on the Aug 31 speeches by Hillary; by Kaine and Pence.]

[Just now read this indictment of Trump by Dana Milbank, W Post, 8/26/16. I’ll be doing some more thinking about T and Hitler soon.]

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