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“Trumpism” – A Therapists’ Perspective

August 29, 2016

I’ve recvd this manifesto that is being signed by professionals in psychological counseling, throughout the U S. It describes the damage that they believe is being done (to persons, the fabric of our society, and our democracy—all interrelated), and increasingly will be done, by Trump’s ideas and practice of politics.

Its sections are:  What is ‘Trumpism’?, What are the effects of Trumpism? Where did Trumpism come from? Why therapists must speak out, and Where we stand as citizen therapists.

Btw, it mentions the economic anxieties of working class Americans, and an American style of fascism (the points about where it came from are relevant to the history of how such an American fascism has developed).

The author’s credentials are solid and he is widely known in his field.  This looks to me to be a description of the problem as it is being encountered by professionals, in their daily practice,as they work with their clients and patients (not just another opportunity to oppose T).

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