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Towards a Fascist (AS) Foreign Policy

August 18, 2016

I’m thinking it’s about Spheres of (Corporate) Influence. I didn’t manage to put 2 and 2 and 2 together until I read this column by Brent Budowsky—consistently one of the most insightful commentators—just now.

Keeping in mind that I see fascism as the ownership and exploitation of government and government services by private corporations (persons), for private (personal) profit.

And remembering that during the ‘30s there were influential American corporations and individuals who were heavily involved in doing business in Germany, and who advocated American acceptance of the Nazi government, so that they could do business in an even richer Germany.

Now, I’m just imagining what might be going on: why not a Trump administration “deal” with Putin, to open and enlarge the sphere of influence, of the Russian government and Russian oligarchs, in Eastern Europe, in exchange for special accessibility (i.e. monopoly access) to Russian bloc markets for Trump business interests? Or some such deal.

T’s advisor, Paul Manafort, with his contacts from his work for pro-Russian Ukrainian dictator, Yanukovych (likely including the laundering of money into the U S) is exactly the guy to negotiate such an arrangement.

Trump is proudly a master in the casino of business, and the towering deal. It’s about ownership of real estate.

Putin and his intelligence service help get T elected; T recognizes that the Ukraine is Russian, and that the rest of Eastern Europe is rightly within Russia’s economic and political sphere of influence. NATO pulls back and the EU shrinks or collapses. A trans-Atlantic axis is born. It’s a matter of cooperation in managing markets.

Just a thought, but an interesting thought—looking for the baseline of reality, from which a pattern can be seen.


[Update:  An expert’s thoughts about it.  Two articles about connections of Manafort and Gates.]

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