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Dream 8-18-16

August 18, 2016

[Having promised that I would pay more attention to Hillary, shortly before going to bed I YouTubed (hey, any word can be a verb, if you’re brave, foolish, or wild enuf) her 8/11 speech on fixing the economy. During the day, listening to the Thom Hartmann show on radio, I heard a caller tell about having lost his pension because of corporate shenanigans. In my dream:]

My wife and I, in our thirties, drove in to campus, to check our accounts. Unlike some of my dreams, this one was not “a maze;” we went directly to campus, immediately found parking, and headed for different buildings, she to check her student loan, and I to check my pension. In the AD building, everyone was very friendly. In the administrator’s office he and his assistant (a woman) and I sat chatting and looking at the figures on my account sheet. Two women passed through from time to time, carrying stacks of papers. It was a pleasant morning, there was a good deal of good humored banter, and everybody seemed to be enjoying their work. The figures were very clear to the eye, and every time I mentioned them we laughed together.

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