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Collecting Trump Voters

August 15, 2016

Suppress (STV) enuf D voters and use Trump to adrenalize enuf of their base and leaners, in the right places, and the RP can steal the presidency again. Who are the voters who are available for Trump?

Died-in-the-hide Republicans. Always vote, never vote Dem. Sacred duty.

Aristocrats who know that the Republican Party also hates democracy, understands their value, and will serve their interests.

White folks with more-or-less middle incomes who feel financial anxieties and or resentments (often with good reason, sometimes not), who blame it on Obama-Clinton (instead of accurately blaming Reagan-Bush), and who believe that Trump will fix it for them.


Sexist males, psychologically stressed about it, who must strike a blow.

Racists who care.

Xenophobes who defend their country.

Fetishist white males who can’t imagine life without a gun, and need to score.

Evangelical fundamentalists. Sacred duty. God’s Vice President.

Ignorant educated white voters who want change and believe Trump is change, but Hillary is the same ol’ same ol’.

Ignorant educated white voters who believe that it just doesn’t make any difference; but a citizen should vote and Trump sees how ridiculous the whole thing is and says so. So he’s got that going for him; and he can joke good-humoredly (i.e. sarcastically, without irony) about the most serious problems.  He’s entertaining. Endure four more years and see if something better is offered.

Ignorant white voters who believe that the system is so broken that it can’t be fixed from inside, but Trump comes from outside, where he succeeded.

Ignorant white voters who like to feel that they are part of a group of people like themselves who stand for something and won’t take it lying down.

Libertarians who freely choose fascism.

Patriots who just want to make themselves great again. Answer the call.

White elite sophisticates who get to display their cynical wisdom, or wise-guy cynicism, every four years.

Someone I’ve left out. Just likes to have a good time. Needs some excitement around here.

You only have to be one, any one, of those and you vote Trump.

Then go back to doing what you were doing, and let Republican judges and the Electoral College sort it out.

The Constitution and/or a vengeful, loving God guarantees the right outcome. This is America the beautiful.

And these are real people.

[Update, these descriptions are based on persons I know (including old friends), many people whom I’ve observed over the years, and comments that often appear in interviews with voters.  Adding the people who will vote R no matter who is the candidate (even someone as vicious and reckless as Trump), people who are particularly vulnerable to the Trump appeal, people who are poorly informed (or are misinformed by Fox), and people who don’t really pay enough attention, and there are enough of these voters, spread across the country, that the Republicans have been able to gerrymander a strong majority in the House.  Otherwise, the Rs, as the national minority party, would not win national elections.

I agree with Michael Moore that, as always, it’s all about GOTV.  And I think that T is betting the farm on his knowledge of how to do that.]

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