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Dream 8-14-16

August 14, 2016

Two, consecutive dreams from just before I woke:

First: I was a student in a chemical psychology, or psychological chemistry, class. The prof was a middle-aged Chinese woman, who very likely was a spy, planted in the university to cause trouble, even deaths.

She told the class that we were going to conduct an experiment. We would see what the results would be if we drank a concoction that she would pass around. We students looked at other as if this seemed too dangerous.

Probably because I had once been a college prof, and therefore knew such things, I announced to the prof that students were not required to do what their prof told them to do, if they believed it would be dangerous to do so. To demonstrate the truth of that, I got up and left. All of the remaining students then gathered their books and left.

The prof had an expression of chagrin and defeat. It was likely that she would be arrested, by either her government or ours.

Second: A colleague and two of my daughters, aged 10-12, were with me in my car, in our small university town. We had to drive across town to get back to campus.

As I drove [and this is such a recurring motif with me that even as I was dreaming I was aware that I was dreaming a recurring motif], I kept coming upon, and having to find the way through, parts of town that I had never seen before. I vaguely knew which way to head, but we kept having to detour or pick our way through areas where the streets were under construction or blocked by debris from floods or such. I also had to be careful not to run over the crowds of pedestrians.

Then we passed through areas with marvelous architecture, including very contemporary designs, or older buildings that had been very innovative, such as one with several units in a row, build half into the hillside. It’s walls that rose out of the ground had been tastefully painted a blue-gray that went well with the grass and trees.

Last, we came to an area of fantastic stone buildings that rose twenty of more stories. I had had no idea that there were such buildings in the town. They stretched in front of us and around to the side for several blocks. They glowed, moderately, with harmonizing, semi-neutralized shades of red, orange, and green. Very earthy.  The walls were highly textured with stones that jutted out, in varying lengths and in random placement.

We saw then that some of the stones from high on the buildings were breaking off and endangering the people walking on the sidewalks below. Then a lot of stones were falling from one of the buildings, like a hail storm, and hitting pedestrians on the head, although not causing major injuries. The shower of stones turned into a heavy rainfall, and the pedestrians got drenched, as if buckets of water were being poured on them.

Finally we abandoned the car and went into a mall. At one of the stores, a festive activity was being held for kids, in which they got to walk through a double row of greeters and celebrators, as if they were very special. My daughters walked through, feeling like princesses.

Inside, I got to talk briefly with President Obama, at the end of a luncheon. We were at the dessert table, where he had just picked up a plate of something like cheesecake with berries, and I had chosen what probably was a slice of cherry pie. I told him that I thought his presidency had been a good one, and that I was amazed by the amount of work he could do. Just working through the day exhausted me, but he continued right on into the night.

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