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Trump Goes Full Racist

August 13, 2016

and reinforces Klown Kaos Theory. Campaigning in PA he subverts confidence in the democratic process by denouncing Dem “cheating,” and then he focuses his warning on Philadelphia, signaling to his racist supporters that this is about preventing black voters from participating in the election. To increase the intimidation, he calls for racist vigilantes and racist police to pateroll [he says “patrol”—in AA oral history and story, the “paterollers” were the armed white folks who patrolled areas between plantations at night (reminiscent of Jews not being allowed to leave the Venetian “ghetto”—iron works area, after nightfall)]

And this time, it’s not Philadelphia MS, as with Reagan.

With an increasingly homogeneous turnout of supporters, along the lines of Daniel Drezner’s observation of a Trump “doom loop,” I’m finding it easier to imagine brown shirts, if not white hoods.

Trump knows he can’t win without winning PA, or at least disqualifying it (as part of what I’m thinking is a three-part strategy to win in the Electoral College, via the courts). That will be harder because PA has a Dem governor, but it might work next door in OH.

The studies that I’ve seen lately seem to be identifying three core motivations of Trump supporters: they believe that people are suffering because of a rigged economy (they might or might not, themselves, be suffering), and/or they believe that white people are suffering because of a shift of power to people of color (they are, themselves, white). They believe that Trump will do something about it.

And if they decide to “do something about it” themselves?

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