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A Trumpstep Towards Fascism (AS)

August 12, 2016

Trump has named his transition team to guide us to a business-owned government. Well of course that’s my interpretation, and I’d bet it’s his too. But first, some context.

I. Fascism (American Style) first appeared in this novel on May 6, 2015, in connection with the Koch Bros (NLC). Trump didn’t appear until August 4 of that year, and then as a clown. I could see that he knew what he was doing, but I didn’t think he’d go very far. Four days later I linked him to Fascism, but I didn’t see him as sociopathic or psychopathic.

I wasn’t being imaginative enough.

I still thought the KB were the prime movers of American fascism. (And I still think they are the real, lasting threat. They’re pros. They are now pouring money into local elections, e.g. school boards and judgeships.  We have to realize that they are playing for all the marbles, remaking America in their image.)

On December 11 and 12, 2015, I finally realized that Trump was exceptional, and I linked him directly to Mussolini and especially Hitler, with fantasies of a Trump rise to power, Hitler-style.

I’m thinking, now, that Trump is, in fact, imagining a fascist American government. (He wouldn’t call it that, unless he was only joking.)  I’m going to assume he is moving towards that goal, while I continue to imagine what an American style of fascism would be. I’m thinking that Trump is going to help me imagine that.

Remember that (1) nobody knows what American-styled fascism will look like, and (2) Trump himself doesn’t have to be consistent, he only needs to have the right personality disorders. Others will do the orderly work for him, and give the orders—maybe in the form of office memos and tweets. We’ll have an American-styled banality of evil.

II. Trump has named his transition team to a fascist government. Nominally his “economic advisors,” these men (in his first list) and women (second list, including Betsy McCaughey) form a Crony Capitalist Club (CCC), like interlocking Boards of Directors, that can oversee construction of a government of, by, and for the multinational monopoly corporations.

These are people who are willing to have their names on the billboard, just below “Trump” (and that other guy).

I’m thinking that these CEO types won’t advise Pres. Trump on the national economy, they will oversee the privatization of government.

Government will be owned and operated by international monopoly corporations, so that it will more efficiently serve their interests.   The CCC will oversee the privatization of all government services and land, the corporatization (or “corping”—might as well get used to language like that) of the military, the deregulation of big business, the writing of a corporate friendly tax code and construction of a corporate run system of trade, the placement of procorpora judges throughout the judicial system, the design of procorpora educational curricula on all levels, the training of pro corpora teachers (including Procorpora U), etc. etc.

And if Trump does not become President, the CCC is the beginning of the nucleus of his new party, the Procorpora America Party (PAP).

All he’ll need then will be a rapprochement with KBI—the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk, who probably will own the old Republican party, especially on the state and local levels. On the basis of common interests and goals, agreements can easily be drawn up and turf assigned.

[Update:  John Cassidy (online Aug 12 New Yorker) had an interesting idea along these last lines.  In the context of T’s claim that O and HC co-founded ISIS [some history], his expressed concern that the election will be rigged to steal it from him, and his generally delegitimizing of democracy:  ” Let’s assume that what he’s really focussed on isn’t winning this year’s election, . .but creating a long-term Trumpian movement. A nationalistic, nativist, protectionist, and authoritarian movement that will forever be associated with him [the trump branding], but which also has the capacity to survive beyond him. A movement that in some ways would resemble other right-wing political parties around the world, . . but which would also harken back to earlier moments in American history, such as the rise of the anti-immigrant Know Nothing movement of the eighteen-forties, and the formation, a century later, of the isolationist America First Committee, which sought a negotiated peace with Hitler.”]

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