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Republicans Got Nothing. Zilch.

August 11, 2016

That’s it. I’m calling it. End of an era—the zombie, post-WWII era when the Republican Party could at least pretend that it offered politicians who were competent to govern, even while fools like Nixon, Reagan, and W destroyed the best of American society.

Not any more. The Republican Party does not include people who have the competence to govern well, on any level. Look at what Brownback has done to Kansas, and what Pence has done to Indiana. Look at what Republican-appointed lackeys have done to cities in Michigan.

Look at their collective inability to offer a well-qualified candidate for the presidency, their inability to offer a single politician who was able to compete with the likes of a Trump, and their collective inability to bring his monstrous candidacy to a close. Or if they do, then their inability to find a clearly competent candidate to replace him.

The Republican Party is not even competent to govern itself.

Republicans are competent to serve the interests of the rich, at the expense of everyone else; to be ideologically pure; to lie; to suppress democracy; to foment racism; to scare people; and to bring American society to the point of reasonably imagining a descent into moral and electoral chaos.

This is big, really. It’s an historic moment. One of the two significant American political parties has brought itself to the point where it is incompetent to govern. 2015-16.

No joke.

It’s over.

[Update, a few hours later:  As I mentioned to Maude J, I can feel it in my bones.  Maude and I are old enough to know that a compensation for having endured so many years is that one has picked up on patterns in the things that one has paid attention to.

I don’t think the party will go the way of the Whigs, or at least not right away.  There’s too much money hanging around, people who can use, and afford, a party that’s already established.  But things can’t go on the way they’ve been.

But here’s a delicious experience that tests the limits of my intuitive patterning.  I took a bit of an afternoon nap—actually fell asleep.  When I woke up, a few minutes ago, I felt such a strong sense that Trump will resign, that I came to the computer to see if it had already happened.  It had not.  I didn’t dream such; it’s just that I know that either (1) the party is even weaker than I thought this morning, or (2) it’s more happy with a transition to its role as fascist party, or (3) it’s just taking some time while its most powerful playas coordinate how they want the resignation to happen.  I know they’re working on it.  There’s stuff going on in utmost secret.  People are lining up.  Donors are signaling, down ballot.  Can they get themselves together and bring it off?

And keep in mind:  the guy who approaches you to make peace? he’s already betrayed you.]

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