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Hillary, Go Archetypal (2)

August 8, 2016

Hillary has to write this one herself, not with Bill or her advisors or the DNC or her wealthy donors. Yes, like Bernie’s, this has to come from her heart’s imagination, informed and guided by all her years of engagement with the needs of Americans, all of her desire to serve.

She can win without the archetypal, because her opponent is such an archetypal disaster; but she needs to win big, she needs a Congress, she needs to be wrapped in the vast majority of Americans (say, 58-60%?).

I’ve been emphasizing three archetypal forms of discourse: conversation, story, image. I think that engagement in those forms is itself a content, because it enacts our human oneness, and that how we engage in them, with a healthy imagination or a sick imagination, adds the next layer of content, which is the way we relate, as the person we are, to other persons. Fundamentally that means lovingly or hatefully. To what extent does our imagination get us out of ourselves and into our community with others? And do we make a sheltering home of our imagination (in our conversations, stories, and images) into which we invite others?

At this moment, with these forms, filling them with the deep imaginal content of specific stories and images, Hillary can unite America in a vision of community beyond Trumpite Republicanism.

She needs to get a huge majority of us to want to engage in a 4-year conversation with her. Forget that Republican. She has to find a way to initiate that conversation.

She needs to tell us her stories of our stories, and tell us better stories of ourselves than we have yet collectively imagined. Our stories must be her, and she must make her story of us must become us.

She needs to imagine our bigger images. Our national community images. For instance, a neighborhood of young and old, embracing religions and oblivious to color. A workplace of equality of participation and mutual respect, oblivious to gender. A renewed, national economy, shiny with infrastructure and throbbing with work. A community of health, from prevention to hospice, run by its practitioners and patients, not by insurers and hospital owners. A national, new energy grid. A national, high-speed, passenger railway system, with Americans traveling together from city to city. See the USA. How soon can we have that, if we vote Democrat? Let’s get together and get it done.

You can taste it.

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