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Hillary, Go Archetypal (1)

August 8, 2016

This is the moment, for the taking. Hillary will open a heart to heart conversation with all of the American people, compose the Soul’s healthy pathology, the story of our healing and vitality, focus the nation on her imagination of our whole image, give us the freedom of our enlightened consciousness.

Or else we give our hand to Donald Trump, who has gone archetypal all over us. He cannot help it, because his imagination is so unconscious. He is ruthlessly intuitive.

He is a dealer who brings his own deck, a tarot of the darkness of our chaos and old night. He releases the power of our sick imagination, that cannot escape the primal storms of our unconscious fears and obsessions. Thunder. Lightning. Flood waters rising in the night. Dark Noah, he floats us a boat.

We cannot escape his conversation, with himself, his consumed consumers, and his marks. We are like guests on the way to the wedding. We see the albatross around his neck, we’re going to be late, and yet we cannot break away. The albatross winks. We know his deceptive practices, and yet we listen to his pitch. He insists on it. He casts the spell of his foolish story.

It’s a story of a righteous realignment of power, spun around an historic truth: we the people, who thought we were God’s chosen, have fallen into desperation through no fault of our own. We have been misled and abandoned in financial wilderness. Our power is being stolen by a gang of robbers who have set themselves up as kings.

Trump knows their ways. He has lived among them, been honored by them, done as well as any. He has built towers, made vast land deals, opened and closed casinos, manipulated financial and legal systems, always to come out on top. He is our Herculean Moses. He will clean up the mess. He will lead the way out. He is the One Prince who can wake our sleeping princess and smite the wicked queen.

Reader, do you find the literary devices incoherent, disorderly? That’s not what it’s all about! We’re in the dark here. Have faith. Suspend your incredulity. This doesn’t have to make conscious sense. The fever only has to hang together in a loose, deliriously unconscious, rapturously delicious kind of way. Keep listening to Trump. He will work it out in the end, and it will all end well.

And Hillary? Can she get us to the wedding, break the spell? Can she talk with us, tell us our story, show us images of who we want to be, who we can be with her, if we come to ourselves?

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