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Famiglia Monopolio Democrazia

August 6, 2016

Character does not matter to the Republican Party, any more than does morality. The election is about wealth and power, and the prestige and privilege that come with them. Character is merely one of many variables that might affect their total votes.

I’m having intervals now during which I can sit without my head spinning, so I want to use this one for thinking about that fundamental fact. I do expect to go on thinking out loud about Donald’s character, which is important to the nation (assuming for the moment that he does not enter the White House) only to the extent that it weakens a major party and/or incites some citizens to violence.

While we have democracy—played out loosely in elections as a way of dividing and assigning power, from the Republican point of view this game is “Family Monopoly Democracy” (part of the larger game, “Monopoly Capitalism”). It is played on a very complicated board of 50 state properties, with their local neighborhoods. The Republicans compete as a crime syndicate, currently dominated by three famiglie: Bush/Saud, Koch, and the upstart Trump. There are additional, relatively small-time capi such as Adelson and Singer.

The carattere of the capo dei capi of the Trump famiglia only matters within the syndicate to the extent that it facilitates his gathering of soldiers, and the extent that it affects the ability of the families to get along together. For instance, the current moves of withholding and then granting endorsement, among Trump, Ryan, McCain, and Ayotte, is only one of many throws of the dice, with the minor strategic rebalancing that has to be done during one move on the board.

The most active reggimento of Republican soldiers is the block of Trump supporters who are sometimes known as the partito di tè. Trump’s character does not matter to them, because their interest lies exclusively in finding a way of getting national attention to their neglected needs (financial security and/or white supremacy), and they believe that Trump, whatever his character, is their voice. Of course they are deluded. Of course they will be exploited and sacrificed.

Oh oh. Head starting to spin like the Republican Party again. Time to be down for awhile.

And again the navy jets, swooping across Lake Washington, their roar and racket bouncing off the hillside and the neighboring houses. Inside 3 seconds one comes upon us, is above the house, and is gone.

One Comment
  1. the imagination seems on hyper drive … relax … chill … ifocus only on the breath to clarify things … it’s mid August … watermelon juice with vodka in a hammock should do help … the republic will survive
    … 🙂

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