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That Is the Q (7)

July 31, 2016

Me: I think everything is in place now, for a decision about whether to vote for Hillary, and even a decision about whether to leave the Dem party because of its ties to Big Money, with the inevitable influence of those interests on policy.

Just this one time, I can agree with Ted Cruz; Vote your conscience, or if you don’t have one, vote Trump.

Myself, I think that if I chose personal purity, or ideological purity, at the cost of a direct vote against an agent of sure human suffering, I wouldn’t be making much progress—personally, ideologically, or socially.

I might personally react to Hillary, or both Clintons, with revulsion, but voting against Trump is a chance of a lifetime.

Author: Yes, Khizr and Ghazala Khan made clear what this election is about, for democracy and the health of our national community.

I was considering voting green, because such a vote would be against T, and for a woman presidential candidate. Plus, if the green party gets a sufficient percentage of the vote, that will help it to compete more strongly in the future.

However, my opinion, as things have developed, is that the moment requires a maximum gathering of forces in support of the candidate who is now the symbol both of gender equality and of repudiation of sociopathy and nihilistic partisan self-interest.

A vote for Hillary is the vote that carries maximum meaning. Maximum engagement. Maximum Résistance.

Me: I think, too, that Hillary’s acceptance speech was convincing. I believe that she sees Bernie’s vision sufficiently. With her political experience, she knew perfectly well that if she said what she said about Bernie, his policy proposals, and his voters, she would be publicly committing herself to realizing such an American society. If she reneges, she will severely weaken her presidency. Even allowing for the financial power in politics of exceptionally self-interested and privileged individuals and their corporations (of which the Clintons are an image, if not quite the symbol), I believe she will very seriously attempt to do the right thing by us.

Author: I can see that. It’s also possible that when she said what she said, she was saying to Progressives, “Okay, push me.” She understands what Bernie has articulated about the need, in politics, to counter individual and vested interests with the power of millions of voters. If we give her the Dem majorities in the Senate and the House that we gave President Obama, we can use her presidency to get done what simply must get done.

The Vote is very much about Hillary now, because it is about very much more than Hillary.

So yes, I’m voting for Hillary, and I’m supporting Bernie’s efforts to build a powerful Progressive movement, to push her to do a great many right things.

(And by the way, I got to vote against Nixon three times, Reagan twice, and four times a Bush. Not psychopaths, some sociopathy, and all very wrong-minded.)

Me: I bow to you. And I agree that it is Hillary, not any other woman, who now is the very image and story of a Woman President. The conversation will be the one that she conducts with the nation between now and November 8.

Let’s watch for a chance to talk about the Dem Party—after the election, in or out?

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  1. Way to go big brother 😀. Your putting out some pretty amazing stuff. Proud to be a member of this family🤓

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  2. Hey, thanks! Moi aussi. (I’ll pass that on, to the author.)

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