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Politics – Morality = Nihilism

July 30, 2016

Or, “It’s all over now, baby blue.”  It’s what the Republicans have spent the post-WWII years bringing us to.  They have nominated a psychopath for President of the United States. There’s no squirming out of it. The man has no capacity for empathy or compassion. He doesn’t get that.

Need I say, that to elect him would be a disaster of epic proportions? In abbreviated simile: As the elephant steps on the butterfly, so does Trump respond to suffering souls.

As the Khans put it, the Republican decision to allow Trump to stand for election as their nominee is purely a political decision, putting politics above the value of democracy and the wellbeing of their country. They have a responsibility to put an end to this threat. Mr. Khan called upon Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan to lead the Republican Party to act responsibly by removing Trump. If they, like Trump, cannot respond with compassionate and moral understanding, then “look out, the saint’s are coming through.”

God willing.

Dear Reader, let’s get real about this.  Let’s not go into denial.  Two ordinary patriotic American citizens, with special experience, perspective, and wisdom, have stepped up for us, described our reality, and with reason and polite restraint asked persons in major positions of power to do what must be done, for all our sakes.

  1. Yes, indeed. The personal invective Trump has poured on the Khans — and I’m seeing his followers spewing similar garbage in online comments — is not just cruel but evil.

  2. Agree. Thanks. I’m no authority on evil, but I’ve done some thinking about it on a page somewhere in here, and Trump sure quacks like it.

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