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Place Can B Jumpin!

July 29, 2016

Truth is, we can have two (2) revolutions. We just have to imagine it, want it, and go for it! We can have both our herstoric first woman president and a truly democratic society, energized, just, creative, safe, prosperous, hugely enjoyable.

Catch your breath.

We (we do this) can lift the burden of male chauvinism and the stigma of gender inferiority off the backs of millions of American women and girls.

We can institute a universal right to vote.

We can get Big Money out of our way (that will be harder and take longer with the Clinton family and friends overtly owning the Dem Party again, but we can do it—meanwhile progressively freeing Hillary from the constraints of billionaire interests) so that we can really get things done.

We can (re)distribute wealth humanely, fairly, efficiently, and productively.

We can make significant progress toward minimizing the damage caused by climate change, by reducing new pollution and (especially necessary) recapturing carbon.

In the process of adjusting to climate change, and rebuilding our infrastructure, smartly, we can create adequate employment opportunities.

We can have good health care for all of our citizens.

We can have homes and good schools for all of our children.

We can integrate our neighborhoods, and every other area of society, to become an America of diverse and harmonious communities.

We can make fair agreements to facilitate trade, that serve the interests of working people instead of the interests of multinational monopolies and global oligarchs.

We can have a foreign policy based on maximizing global peace, through intelligent diplomacy and an adequate but not more-than-adequate military.

And we can have so much more in Bernie’s agenda and the Democratic Party platform.

Both of these revolutions are well underway. The Dem Party’s effort to elect Hillary Clinton began in 2008 when Bill Clinton agreed to work hard for Barack Obama’s election in return for Obama’s agreement to the support Hillary’s candidacy for the presidency in 2016 and to appoint her to a foreign policy position that would strengthen her credentials.

The current egalitarian progressive revolution began with the Occupy movement in 2011 and was solidified by Bernie’s campaign contesting the Clinton nomination.

We can fulfill the herstoric revolution by electing Hillary Clinton on November 8.

We can keep the egalitarian progressive revolution rolling to its fulfillment no later than 2023 by building such a strong progressive movement that we can elect progressive candidates at all levels, become the dominant force in the Dem Party (or build a strong progressive party), and block the fascist actions of the Koch Bros and their ilk, and of the Republican Party.

Eyes on the Prize(s)!

Inhale deeply; with your exhale make a strong sound of oneness.

Now let’s get it on!

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