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Dreams 7-25 & 7-27-16

July 29, 2016

Night of the 25th: I was looking at my dog, Roxanne [except that the real Roxanne was a Rottweiler, while this dream dog was that size but with longish, black, silver, and white hair], who lay on her belly with her chin on the floor, looking up at me. A small bird flew down and landed just a foot or so in front of her nose. She watched it while it hopped closer. I could see that the impulse was building to grab that bird with her mouth, so I said, gently, “No. No-o-o. Good dog, Roxanne.” She looked back at me and lay still, while the bird hopped onto her nose, and then onto her head, where it nestled in her hair.

Night of the 27th: In a house like the first one I owned, I was in the basement watching the Democratic convention. I heard the doorbell, so I went upstairs and looked out a front window. A small red pickup was parked at the beginning of the gravel driveway.

I opened the door, and found that the visitor was a young man whom I knew somewhat. He was carrying a stray puppy, only a few months old, with fluffy black hair. It had been hit by a car, and it was not only bruised but had some broken legs, with bone exposed. The young man explained that the dog urgently needed a veterinarian, and an owner who would care for it.

I did not want to add a dog to my life, but I said that I would pay for the vet. By that time the dog was about a year old, although still clearly a youngster. I thought that, at that time in my life, having had several dogs, I knew how to care for a dog quite well. My feeling continued to be that I did not want a pet, but I continued to imagine caring for the dog in an affectionate way that would be very good for both the dog and myself, and would result in a close and healthy bond.

[I’m very happy to have had these dreams. They bring pleasant and emotively meaningful images to live with consciously (I subscribe to Hillman’s suggestion that it is important to “live with the image,” not “overwork” it). I believe that dogs are my major totemic animal, followed by birds, and then snakes, then fish.]

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