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That Speech (R Con 6)

July 23, 2016

This morning I was awakened at 4:46 by a woman screaming, somewhere in the last, fading dark. Not a dream. She screamed three times. I still feel shaken inside. I never heard a siren however. I just have to hope that she was all right. Of course I think again of Kitty Genovese.

I’m sure these things happen all the time. We do hear gunshots in the night now and then. In the summer people play “fireworks or gunshots?” Apparently it’s rare that someone gets killed. Likely the shots are just fired to warn about turf, a kind of “keep off my lawn.”

These shooters are not really what you’d call predators, like a man quietly stalking, or a yelling demagogue. Of course I started thinking, as I lay there listening for something that would tell me what was going on. I had watched the rest of the Drumpf acceptance before heading for bed, and even drafted a beginning of this page.

That’s how much I’m in control of the plot. Day by day I don’t know what the action will be, and I certainly can’t promise a happy ending. Maybe this is the most banal of melodramas, one that will shake people everywhere. Make them lie thinking, in the half-light. Or maybe it’s just shots in the night.

Drumpf is like a shotgun, with a wide scattershot. He’ll be happy to hit anything; but he also knows his target (not primarily the people in the arena, who are shooters, themselves, members of the hunting party), and he aims well. I think some of his shot will tell.

For instance, here are some blasts that I believe will be well received by a mass of potential Drumpf voters (from my notes during the youtube, plus the official transcript):

We’re America! First and last. We’re under attack from inside and outside. This was created by corrupt and incompetent leadership, for their exclusive benefit, and they will never change it [my bold]. “Big business, elite media, and major donors…lining up behind [puppet] Hillary Clinton because they know she will keep our rigged system in place.”

“This is [her] legacy: death, destruction, terrorism, weakness.” Chaos murder terrorists illegals humiliation defenseless beaten up defeat.

But I will lead us back to the golden age of “safety, prosperity, and peace.” “My message: things have to change and they have to change right now” [my bold].

“I will deliver a better life for the people all across this nation that have been ignored, neglected, and abandoned, the forgotten men and women of our country, and they are forgotten, but they’re not gonna be forgotten long [“How long? Not long.”]. People who work hard but no longer have a voice. I AM YOUR VOICE” [caps in transcript] (points finger into camera). (Reminded me of “Uncle Sam Wants You” wartime poster. “I’m a yankee doodle dandy.”)

“Respect that we [us-not-them] deserve.” “No prosperity without law and order” [my bold].

[While protester being removed:] “I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence. When innocent people suffer because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency [my bold, because it reminded me of “at last sir, have you no decency,” which I believe characterizes T, and associates him with Joe McCarthy—and hey, we could have “witch hunts,” but more entertaining ones, for the entertained] to enforce our laws—or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash, I cannot look the other way [turns profile to camera, chin slightly up, a self-assured, determined enforcer; to my eye this is his humble, loveable take on the classic Muss].

“An attack on law enforcement is an attack on all Americans.” [All-Americans?] “And in case you missed it: In this race I am the law and order candidate [and “I am not a crook”—he didn’t say that]. [Crowd frequently, about Hillary: “Lock her up!”]

“Islamic terrorism.” “We don’t want them in our country,” including refugees from Syria, until a vetting mechanism is in place. Hillary promises “mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness.”

“These wounded American families have been alone but they will not be alone any longer.”

“Americanism not globalism.” Fair trade. Unfair trade has been a Dem project. Cut taxes. Choice. SCrt in mold of “our beloved Justice Scalia.” Dignity of labor. Loves workers. Evangelical and religious community free to speak again. “Their voice has been taken away [by] censors, critics, and cynics.” “Oh we love defeating those people don’t we? Love it, love it, love it, love it.”

“I will be your champion in the White House….win for you….proud….great again. God bless you and good night. I love you.”

Seriously, this will get him a lot of votes. I’m thinking one more page on that, and then it’s onto the vaudeville trail, with Mr. Chaos and Mr. Righteous. But daughter H just told me I’d better read the Mayer article in The New Yorker, it will terrify me even more.

Update, a couple hours later:  The article is stunning.  Not surprising, which is part of how stunning it is.  And Jane Mayer is an excellent journalist.  Until the mag has been out long enough to gather it’s audience, that’s all I’ll say.  But by sheer bad/good fortune, I’ve known someone who, I think, shares a major Trump trait (but not money), so I might add a page of thoughts from that angle.

Update 7-24:  He doubles down on trade:  might axe WTO.  For progressives (especially one who had kids in the police tear gas at the protest in Seattle), that’s big.

[Pages one / two / three / four / five of this episode.]

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