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What Speech? (R Con 5]

July 22, 2016

I’m halfway through it on youtube and I think it’s an effective speech that will get Drumpf some votes—maybe a lot of votes. “I am your voice!” (Shudder, but) seriously, that’s big. If you’re you, and I believe that a lot of people are!

I mean it’s full of lies and half-truths, but that’s simply not the point. *  His story is a fiction nonfiction (whereas mine is nonfiction fiction). He’s expressing the emotional truth of a point of view, what life looks like and feels like from that point of view. Nixon did it. Reagan did it.  Presidents?

I’ve described those voters on earlier pages.

And he has an archetypal mode that W had (and Bill had, but Al didn’t, but O does, and Joe—does H? update:  I’m guessing Tim has it): conversation.

Will I change my mind in the second half? I see the media are calling it dark, and what-all. [Update:  Well of course it’s T that is dark, with his imagination of violence.  I’ll come back to that in a page on sewing clown kaos.]

So I didn’t get to watch last night, and I think this is a very important moment in the plot, so I’m going to take my time thinking about it.

Also, I’ll be out of town next week, during T thru TH of the Dem counter-attack. So I’m going to take my time on pages about that too. It’s really good drama, sort of novelistic, having the R onslaught first, and getting to wonder how the Dems will contrast.

*  Update 7-23:  I like, so much, the way this article presents the counter-factualism (and fear of H, which surely sets up the overpowering will to believe, maybe a shadow side of Coleridge’s “willing suspension of disbelief”) that I’ll quote from it (the original has links to facts):

“They’re already really afraid and certain the country is near doom. It doesn’t matter that the stock market is booming, that the job market keeps improving, that budget deficits are declining, that inflation is low, that wages are finally picking up and crime remains at historic lows.

They believe Trump’s false claims that crime is sky-rocketing, that police officers are getting slaughtered at record rates and immigration is destroying the economy and the country. They are afraid that the non-existent downward spiral will only get worse.”

[Pages one / two / three / four / six of this episode.]

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