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Allswell: Guns

July 21, 2016

In Allswell every(white)body carries a gun at all times (yes, all times—one never knows when a predatory youth will kick in the door). That way, nobody ever shoots at any(white)body else, because so many people would immediately shoot back. The only gun deaths of nonwhite persons result from suicide or gun accidents (including the deaths in mass shootouts, which aren’t really accidental in Allswell, because there are no accidents in God’s plan).

[I wrote this page a couple days ago, but I’m publishing it just after seeing the film in which a police officer shoots a practicing therapist who is lying on the pavement with his hands up asking the officer not to shoot, and the officer shoots him three times. The wounded therapist asks the officer why he shot him (this is sounding like a joke), and the officer answers, “I don’t know.”

Here’s some speculation:

(1) Studies have shown that when any person decides to carry a gun, he simultaneously makes the decision that he will use it in circumstances that seem to him to be appropriate; that’s why he carries the gun; he anticipates that such circumstances might appear.

(2) A gun is a tool, like a screwdriver or a hammer. A tool is an image of pragmatism in action. We invent tools for use.  Any tool carries strong potential energy, unfulfilled until it becomes kinetic in its circumstance. If you have ever used a tool, when you see one of those, and certainly if you hold it in your hand, your imagination turns to using it. Your brain, and indeed your whole body, becomes charged with the energy of its use. Hold that that screwdriver or that hammer and you will “feel”—physically, emotionally, rationally—what that is.

A gun is a tool for killing. It’s made to be used, to be fulfilled when you shoot.]

[Guns in Larks!]

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