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No Jobs Here (R Con 3)

July 20, 2016

Tuesday was “Make Everybody Work Again” night (so the titles are parallel, rather than “create jobs for everybody”). I thought maybe they’d call it “The Slave State” (for my own parallelism). But it turns out that we’re all going to be hard at work looking for a job.

If last night’s program of speakers was the “Want-Ads: Employment” page of a local newspaper, the page would be blank. A vast expanse of white.

With one exception: apparently there are jobs at Trump Winery. But Don Jr and Eric have killed a leopard, and that’s Dionysus; so there’s no way I’m going near Trump grapes!

So tighten your belts (i.e. vote R, vote austerity).

As for archetypes, the stories are lies, as usual, and compulsively about Hillary, so you’ve heard them already. Hard to have conversation when one person lies, doesn’t listen to the other person, is obsessed with one topic, and is red-in-the-face hateful.

But here’s some images! In fact I’ll bet this guy is a lay archetypal psychologist in disguise.

So I’m back to sarcasm.

Nothing to see here, folks. Might as well move on.

Oh, but here’s something that hurts: the story is that Mrs. Trump plagiarized with the help of a friend who “was an English major.”

Here’s some fun with plagiarism.

[Pages one and two of this episode.]

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