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Locating Allswell

July 20, 2016

A google into the darkness of my brain has located the Allswell of my recent discovery (among the many that exist, in America and elsewhere), and placed it on my neural memory map. It’s a small town and farming community in Union County, IN, about an hour’s drive east of Muncie. I drove through the area many times in the early ‘90’s, on my way to sit with a very small, old-style, country Quaker meeting.

Here’s some local history:

Until the late 1700s, when American migrants began to arrive, via the Ohio River, the area, which was largely swampy, was populated by the Wolf matrilineal clan of the Lenapi people, named by Europeans, “Delaware” heathens, in honor of Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr and 1st Governor of Virginia. The Lenapi were pushed west, and this branch probably spoke Munsee. (Delaware County, where I once lived, borders Union county. My local library when I was a kid in Fort Wayne—named for Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne, who defeated these heathen—80 miles to the north, was named Little Turtle, for a warrior of the Turtle clan).

During the early 1800s homesteads were established in this area by immigrants including many Quakers from Pennsylvania. During the period of the Underground Railroad, the town and surrounding farmsteads housed so many refugees that at night the stations operated mostly above ground, even though it was so close to Kentucky. At that time the name of the town was Quietly, IN.

During the Civil War, many men from this area volunteered, to serve as Union soldiers, doctors, or nurses.

More recently, migration of evangelical fundamentalists has become a major influence on the politics of this area of IN and OH, so that, for instance, their emotional element of worship attracted the Quaker population toward fundamentalism. As political re-orientation followed, even many of the Quaker meetings have become conservative. An example is their support of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam.

Recently the Allswell town council voted, by a large majority, to secede from the United States and join the Republic of Texas, in the event that that republic is established (or Ted Cruz becomes the American President). The minority wanted to form their own “Evangelical Republic of Allswell.”

A former Republican congressman from this district of IN, an extreme conservative evangelical politician, now governor of the state, has been nominated for Vice President of the United States.

[Readers who find Allswell interesting might also be interested in visiting Larks! WA.]

  1. You’re making this up, aren’t you? Please tell us you are …

    • Alas, only some of it. (I’m trying to write so that the factual parts, which on this page include most of the history, are pretty clearly factual, and likewise the fictional, but most important the general meaning is clear, for readers to form their own thoughts about.)

      • Too bad you’re not in Cleveland, where your kind of coverage would be welcomed.

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