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Racist and Fascist Victory

July 19, 2016

Here it is: I’m calling the victory of racists and fascists in the Republican Party. You can tell Rove, that whether it ends up being owned by Trump’s Torrefazione familia, the Koch Bros (NLC), the ancienne regime, the Tea Party voters, or some alliance thereof, The Republican Party has made itself into The American Racist Fascist Party.

(Just think what a remarkable moment this is for me and the author. With the election down the road, he decided to write a nonfiction political novel about it, and he invited me to narrate it. Neither of us had ever done this before, although he had written poetry and both of us had read a slew of novels. So we set out, not knowing that this kind of moment would be given for the plot.

Not that it was a total surprise, the author had written about this conceivable eventuality—which in zen terms is what it is, an eventual—in connection with the Occupy movement, and I started finding it in the plot back in May 2015; but still, this is like a nightmare come true,that we wish had never.)

And dear reader, this is what it’s all about.  Everything else Republican is an inconsequential, a distraction and an entertainment.

[Update 7-20:  Please tell me that we didn’t go through WWII and the Civil Rights Movement, just to see the triumph of the so-called Republican party over its first president.  At the least, it has a moral obligation to change its name.  Maybe the Masks party, or the Big Short party, “shorting humanity everywhere, and making a killing doing it.”

Of course the Trump campaign and much of the party are also savagely sexist; but they can appear to themselves not to be sexist and yet roll right on; if they appear not, really, to be racist or fascist, they will collapse.  Their sexist anger can be focused on Hillary, as if they do not fear and hate women as a gender-identified group.

These are people (i.e. the owners, politicians, and activists of the party and the campaign, not everyone who will vote for Trump) whose abiding love is of them(white)selves, their superiority, and their money.  They are unwavering in their support for themselves.  As a Biblical writer, such as Hawthorne, might put it, God has hardened their hearts.]

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