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Dream 7-19-16

July 19, 2016

At about 6:15 this morning, just before waking up:

I was a faculty member on campus and I needed to pee so I went into an academic building and found the men’s lavatory. It was large, with several rooms, and there were a few men in every room; but everywhere I looked, the floors and fixtures were filthy, very. Some of the toilets were missing, so men were using the holes in the floor.

I decided I could try another building. Just outside the lavatory was a room in which men were working at various tasks. One man, with his back to me, was wearing a style of pants that I liked. Since I needed a new pair, and he looked to be my size, I stopped to read the numbers below his belt, to see exactly what size they were.

As I was bending closer and squinting to read, he partially turned towards me and said, “I have a job for you to do. Distribute signs all over canvas, announcing a new program for Christian students.” That didn’t seem entirely right to me, because the university offers its programs to all students.

And now at 3:10 in the afternoon I find this.  I actually had a bout with the norovirus, winter before last.  It was the worst of that kind of thing that I’ve ever experienced.  So that you’ll know what these poor conventioneers are going through, if that’s what they’ve got, I’ll just mention that on the worst night of it I was wakened twice, too late, and had to throw my sheets in the washer (and of course take a shower).  Republicans or not, they have my compassion.

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