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July 18, 2016

And this just in. This frames the whole thing. In fact, a few weeks ago Thom Hartmann had a guest, whose name I’ve forgotten but I’ll try to find it, who is an expert on Nixon campaign tactics and who said that Drumpf’s tactics are very much those of Nixon. Don’t think Drumpf can’t win! (And here I’ll reference page one of the episode, “How Trump Can Win.”

This fits right into the historical steps in the rise of fascism (American style).

Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just me? I need to breathe a bit.

*     *     *     *

Whew.  Here’s a thought:  Manafort, who I think is brilliant, says that this is no time for “happy thoughts.”  I’m thinking that what he’s signaling is the way to beat Trump (and he knows it):  a positive message showing respect and concern for all Americans, showing faith in their ability to solve the enormous problems that they face, and calling on them to do so.  It’s about them, not a particular leader.  They can get out and do it, in the kind of burst of American spirit that accomplished etc.  Convincingly show them what are the real causes of their troubles, and what it really will take to solve them, and call upon them to be their very best.

And for counter-Manafort brilliance, here’s a tour-de-force description and analysis, by Richard Eskow, of what’s going on, right before our very eyes.

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