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O No! (R Con 1)

July 18, 2016

But yes, it’s convention time, meaning I’ll have to get down to some really serious narrating. I’ll be on the look out for my psycho-pathologies, especially as they appear in the form of images, stories, conversations. And who knows? We might even spot a psychopath now and then. Somebody might throw a party for sociopaths.

I don’t do TV, but I’ll get to the highlights, at least.

Probably I’ll do a running update on this page.

Monday 5 pm EDST

Big fight on convention floor, ostensibly over last chance to block Drumpf. I’m thinking this is not primarily about conscience or patriotism (although for some individuals there is some of that in the mix). Nor is it primarily about whether D can beat H, since he probably stands the best chance of anybody. It’s about people aligning themselves by their best interests regarding the future owners and lesser powers of and in the party.  It’s Trumps v. Kochs.  The Ancienne Garde seem to have left the field.

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