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Negroes with Guns (1962)

July 18, 2016

That’s the title of a book by Robert F. Williams, pub. 1962. You know what was happening that year, and Williams advocated meeting violence with violence, when necessary for self-defense.

I drafted this page many months ago, but didn’t publish it because I feared that readers would consider it insensitive and violent, or think that I might advocate violence of any kind by anybody. I should have known that matters would only get worse. In a culture of racism and a culture of violence, there’s never a reasonable time to mention negroes with guns.

And you know that the 2nd Amendment only applies to whitefolks, unless the black man openly carrying is accompanied by white men openly carrying in support for the 2nd Amendment and the NRA.

I’ve got my copy around here somewhere. I remember—and it’s easy to imagine—how white people who thought about that possibilt—and many did—freaked out. They reasoned that, if black people had guns, obviously they would use them to shoot white people, in offense, not defense. There’s a long American history of white people fearing revolts by armed black people—partly because sometimes that happened.

Everybody, every body, has to run scared in a culture of racism, which is inevitably a culture of violence. Even narrators.

And after all, why else would a black person want to own a gun, they reasoned.

White people, on the other hand, have lots of reasons to own guns. They hunt, they target practice, and they collect guns as a hobby. They can appreciate a good gun in so many ways.

White people need to have guns in self-defense too, they further reason, against black people, government, and the godless such as Planned Parenthood.

Most important, white people don’t shoot other people, except when the target is a criminal, or is black and looks like maybe he has committed a crime, or might commit a crime at any moment, or might have a gun, and the shooter is a police officer; or except when the shooter doesn’t know any better because he is mentally disturbed, or doesn’t know any better because he or she is a child; or when the gun just goes off, because accidents do happen.

(And btw, what would Bull Connor do?  With a police force today.)

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