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Meet the Drumpfs!

July 17, 2016

Hey, just a short momentous page because I only just now realized that the Trump hostile takeover of the party and the country is such a family affair. Wife, daughter, and son-in-law. Writers and actors in his new show, “Our Thing.” He brings along his own mob. I knew that they were appearing with Il Candidato, but I didn’t realize that they were among the capi. I’m slow.

But Ivanka, his consigliere, no less?

I have to thank the redhead capo di tutt’i capi for providing not one but four characters for the plot (and there are more, I take it—I’m just beginning to imagine this narrative development).

Plus, of course, Il Penseroso.

[Update, a few hours later:  I’ve run across this draft page, from sometime in the middle of the R debates, that I neglected to publish:

Thank you, Donald

Yes, Dear Reader, I want to thank the Trumpster and his fellow Republican candidates and their host of supporters, for helping me clarify, earlier than anticipated, the psycho-pathologies, i.e. the negative psychopathologies of our democracy. You have made the darkness shine like a light, you have undeniably yanked our negative collective shadow up into consciousness, in full display—and in doing so you have provided excruciating drama for the plot. I should have known that I could count on a master entertainer among my characters to do so.]

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