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Hillary’s VP Choice

July 17, 2016

doesn’t mean much. Don’t take it personal. VPs have very little (no?) power, so her selection will be purely electoral-strategic.  It won’t signal how progressive or not she’s likely to be.

Among persons preferably with whom she can get along easily enough (unlike eg the Kennedys and LBJ) and who appear qualified to serve as president if necessary, she will choose the one who can bring in the most votes on Nov 8.

One factor:  does she calculate that she needs most to attract progressives, liberals, or “independents” in order to get maximum total votes (and keeping in mind the electoral college)?

(So here’s another opportunity to see how wrong I can be.)

Whomever she chooses, the urgent tasks of Progressive are (1) to put a Dem, any Dem, in the White House, so as to block the Rs from taking a major next step towards fascism (American style), and (2) to build a progressive movement that is strong enough to have significant influence in governance (on the state and local levels, as well as national).

Don’t take it personal.

Update 7-21-16:  Vilsack?  If he brought in western PA, H would take the state.  I think he’d make a fine V P.

7-22:  It’s Senator (and former governor) Tim Kaine (VA).  Two quick / takes.  Many positives; but I’m thinking the most important thing is that he can converse with (white, working class) Catholics throughout PA, who went for Romney and McCain and might well go for Trump.  A progressive on the ticket would scare them.  (He’s also a “centrist” on Big Money, as is Clinton.  I think their line on TPP (which will prevail) is that it should not be passed in the lame duck senate and signed by the president, because it needs to be re-negotiated (to put America first).  That allows Clinton to at least dull that issue knife of Trump’s.

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