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My Man Mike! (2)

July 15, 2016

Nobody’s perfect, but Mike is right for the Koch Bros (and that’s big), right for the Republican party, and right for the Drumpf ticket. I’m guessing that the only thing that has held him back from higher honors (not that he hasn’t tried) is that he comes from a small, reliably confederate state (how things do change: beginning in 1861 Indiana mustered 210,000 Union soldiers, of whom 25,000 died; and in my early adulthood my senators were leading champions of labor, Birch Bayh and Vance Hartke. But now look.)

As a character, I couldn’t have wished for a better addition to the plot (except for the return of My Man Dick, the torturer and war criminal).

P does not have the sense of show that D excels at, but he’ll play the straight man in this grimly comic duo.  “Trump and Pence”?   “Pence and Trump”?

P is like D, in being all ego and ambition. But where D is intuitive and wily, P is literal and shrewd. We’ll see how he uses his hands and arms when he speaks in public.

P is the complement of D, in that, while D has no moral principle (his “it’s all negotiable” reduces everything to mano a mano in a flux of money), P is all about moral principle, except that his morality is immoral. P represents the large, evangelically fundamentalist enclave of east central IN (redrawn 6th). Their influence is seen, historically, in their having converted the Quaker meetings of that area of the country from underground railroads to supporters of our war in Vietnam.

The principles of P’s evangelical morality are the divine imperative to be faithful and to obey, the availability of redemption through correct belief, and the inequality of God’s love. God loves his few faithful (but any white person can join this remnant) more than he loves everybody else; He mercifully and justly rewards his true faithful, and punishes incorrect believers and incorrigible unbelievers (or anybody who doesn’t obey—I’m talking genuine authoritarian personality and hierarchical society, a tightly wound community of saints). The few know God’s truth, and apply it to the many.

And no, they don’t “believe” in a Nature or a Nature’s God that would tolerate evolution; that would be a “false belief,” an idolatry. Their Nature abhors a change. The 10 Instructions have been written in stone. There is no creative process except by fiat. From on high.

Facts do not trump community of belief.  (Who’s opinion would you believe, God’s or some scientist’s?)

P also complements D within the R Party, because, in the struggle for ownership of that party it was beginning to look as though D might win; but P provides the Koch Bros with a man on the inside. If D wins, they own the vice presidency, and if he loses, they own the leader of the Rs in the House, where the money is.

(Either way, for P it is a dream come true.)

P provides the Koch Bros (NLC) with the appearance of morality and classy restraint, cool and calm and above, which they cultivate for themselves; but on social issues P gives them conservative cred with the evangelical Moral Minority. And P does not have enough wealth to be more than their lackey.

(Remember, I’m biased against this man.)

P will balance D’s economic message of racist populism with political experience at protecting the fossil and financial interests of the Kochs and Trumps of America. He knows what they need and what they want, and he agrees that they should have it. He’ll do everything he can, to get it for them. That’s only right.

Well, Drumpf shouldn’t have gotten me started on Pence; but I do thank him for this contribution to the plot, and I’m sure that there are many unfortunate pages to come.

[Pages one and three of this episode.]

  1. Oh, we’re definitely looking forward to your staying on this case, especially with your longstanding experience observing the Hoosier’s career. Your comments on the Friends Churches, I might add, is personally painful, but we are all about honesty.
    Stay true to the greater cause.

  2. Breathe on!

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