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My Man Mike! (1)

July 14, 2016

Mike Pence is so right for Donald Drumpf. They will make a beautiful political couple. But I’m biased, as I’ll explain.

I know the Pence politics and character (one and the same) well, because he was my congressman from 2001-2005, and I’ve continued to watch him as governor because of family in Indiana. He’s a jerk.

But I’m biased against him, and have been since the first and only time we crossed paths. One summer afternoon I went to a charity auction for a rural fire department. I was happy to support the firemen and I thought I might pick up a good rope or other tool. It turned out they offered a wonderful hooked lever for rolling logs. It was an attractive, unusual instrument for applying bodily power to nature, wood to wood, mediated with iron, form following function.  I had used one when I worked in landscaping as a teen, and now I lived on a 55-acre wooded farm. I stretched my bid, but Pence outbid me. The firemen thought he was quite a hero, wanting a log roller and all, and they openly sneered as I was bidding, I suppose because of my long hair. I did buy a rope, and they sneered at me when I picked out the one I wanted. How could I know which rope I wanted? They didn’t know that I had been a saddle and handsaw tree-climber.

I didn’t come away biased against all firemen, however. I’ve always appreciated their willingness to risk their lives for their neighbors. In my other close contact with firemen they were pleasant guys who got my cat down from the top of a tree. True story.

So we have to be careful about bias. It can be based in knowledge; or, like My Man Mike’s repeated attempts to harm LGBT persons, it can be sincerely based in ignorance, religiosity, and blinding political ambition.

[Pages two and three of this episode.]

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