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Dreams 7-12 to 7-14-16

July 14, 2016

I’ve had several dreams during the last few nights, in which I was wandering in mazes—driving and or walking.

A couple nights ago I was driving through a grey, muddy, foothills landscape, around and around, looking for the parking lot. When I finally found the lot, it was a large, grey cement structure, in which I continued to drive around, including backing out of tight spots and dead ends, until I managed to park. Then I had to find my way out, on foot. That involved a series of ramps, tunnels, and staircases, until I came upon a man, wearing a muddy-grey coat, who seemed to know the way. He paid no attention to me, but I followed him to the elevator, which we took to the top floor, which was the ground floor, at which we got out and I looked around for the walk to my destination.

Last night I drove around in the dark, in a jumble of country roads, making many turns and sometimes having to backtrack. Finally I backed off the road, into the opening of a lane, and sat waiting for another car to come along, so that I could ask the driver for directions. But when another car approached, I saw by its headlights that there was a group of large animals in the wooded area beside the road. Three or four were very large tigers. I waved to the other driver to be careful. Then I saw one of the tigers attack another, jumping onto it with the clear intention of eating it. I left my car and ran up the lane. (I haven’t done any real running, which I used to love to do, for more than a decade, but in the dream it felt pretty good, as I noticed.) At the end of the lane I came to a broad field, with a farm house on the other side. As I crossed the field the sky lightened with day, and then the people took me in.

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