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How Trump Can Win (2)

July 13, 2016

{2} The Way Rs win when Rs win

In a state that swings the electoral college, Rs keep the vote close enuf that an R court can rule that Trump won. The US Sup Crt is tied, so the local ruling stands. President Trump.

Republicans are going to take this presidential election very very seriously. Their fortunes are at stake, and they know it.

At the same time, it’s very hard for them to win the presidency honestly, because they are a permanent national minority (if Dems vote). So they have mastered the mechanics of minority rule, in national elections, in DC, and on the state/local scene.

That includes making treasonous secret deals with foreign governments (e.g. candidate Nixon with S Vietnam to delay a peace agreement because N promised the leaders a better deal for themselves; candidate Reagan with Iran to delay freeing the hostages because R promised the leaders a better deal for themselvess); dividing to conquer; lying vociferously and repetitively about themselves and their opponents (including character assassination * ); motivating R voters with fear, hatred, anger, and righteousness; suppressing the D vote; falsifying the vote count; throwing the election into chaos; and bringing suit before R-appointed judges.

It doesn’t matter who is the R candidate. They have been practicing and refining those tactics for decades, and they are applying them now.

The (self)interests of the wealthy who own the R party and put it to their service (it is, in other words, a working model of fascism (American style)) are the same, regardless of which R is president. The quarrel about Trump is intra-party. So yes, the party is a mess; but they will do whatever they have to, in order to win.

That’s the “cliff’s notes” version of the plotline of this chapter. Combine it with the chapter on Trump himself, and you have a fascinating and murderous plot.

Pure realpolitik.

Never ever underestimate the power of entrenched wealth, especially in desperation.

* And let’s face it, the Right sometimes uses actual assassination to eliminate their effective opponents.

Update 7-18-16 Here it is, folks.  Fasten your seat belts.

[Page one of this episode.  On page three I’ll bring in the clowns.]

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