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How Trump Can Win (1)

July 12, 2016

It’s still hard to believe that Trump will be the nominee. It keeps looking like his implosion has started. He’s a figment of a mass sick imagination, a phantasm, a red-haired ghost. He’s a nut, if you really want to know.

But another Republican would learn from his strategy and do it smarter. Someone like Gov. Pence (IN), formerly my congressman, who would pretend to be sanity personified and would bring in the fundamentalists (“despotique et chaste”—Maupassant).

So here’s how it would work.

I’m thinking that if we are brutally honest about ourselves, about Trump’s character and strategy, and about Republican philosophy of government, character, and strategy, we can see three factors that can get T a majority in the electoral college: (1) he has the right message (policy and style) for the right audience, and he knows it. That’s crucial. (2) Also crucial is the way Republicans win on the national level; they lie and steal. Put those together and you produce a powerful cynicism for which T offers an archetypal image (although he lacks the story and conversation for it) [major update:  during the campaign he invented the (mythic) story of himself as know-it-all billionaire working class hero (combining hercules and Horatio Alger), and he convinced his fans that, in contrast to H, he was entering into a direct conversation with them, paying attention to their grievances]. They can get him the right states for the electoral college victory. And then there’s the equally cynical (3) clown chaos.

{1} It’s the Magic of Drumpf

We should not underestimate either the desperation of potential Drumpf voters or the effect, on authoritarian personalities and hero worshippers, of Drumpfverführung (Fr. séduisant or attaque), or among his devotees and bacchae, Drumpfzauber. People looking for a savior tend to go for the larger than life (Drumpfsternmacht), the single solution and quick fix (DrumpfKopfriesig).

Most important, he champions the (“white”) working class. Possibly if he gets about 3% more white votes than Romney he can win the electoral college (variables are how many more voters will come out for Hillary, especially with Bernie’s help and against Drumpf’s insults, than came out against Romney; and how many voters will come out for Drumpf who weren’t charged up for Romney—not many Repubs will stay home, they don’t do that, there’s too much at stake for them).

(a) Drumpf knows and expresses a major truth: a lot of people are seriously hurting. He also knows what they believe to be the causes of their pain, and he tells them what he (says he) will do to fix it.

As Thom Hartmann broadcast on June 8, let’s look at what he said in his speech after he won the CA primary. He will put people to work: he will block TPP and provide only trade deals that benefit American workers and manufacturing, and he will rebuild American infrastructure and inner cities. *

He will get rid of the people who rigged the system and created our problems.

Furthermore, although running as an R, he will champion the working class by promising not to threaten their social security or health care.

(b) Combine his cure for financial anxieties with his racist cure for “demographic anxiety” (looking for link) that the coming majority of POC will retaliate against the minority whitefolks, and he may well have a winning combination.

For good measure, throw in his sexism, mixed with the unfavorables of Hillary and Bill.

This clown is an appealing, wily, and ruthless candidate for Führer.  As he stated, his moral principle (he didn’t call it that) is “Everything is negotiable.”

Here’s an interactive electoral college map.  See what you think (remembering that WI, MI, OH, and FL have Republican governors (see page 2)).  As of today, I think he could get to 270, in a squeaker.

Update 7-14:  NYT poll shows T ahead of H 52-41 on “who would do a better job on the economy and jobs.”

[Page two and three of this episode.]

  1. Theoretically, it’s possible to win the White House with 25% of the popular vote. All it takes is 50% plus one vote in each of the most populous states — 11 or 12, as I recall. That’s why I urge the Electoral College be abolished. It undermines national democracy. It’s an antiquarian remains from the era of sovereign states, meaning slave owners and their lackeys.
    One more reason to vote against Trump, actually.

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