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Dream 7-10-16

July 12, 2016

I was with a friend, as guests in a very large house—more like a “compound,” but with all of the buildings connected into one. We were inside, but from time to time I could see either the inside or the outside. The colors were a yellow-orangish cream and a flat green that harmonized well.

My friend was distantly related to the owner, who was not home, and in fact seldom was there. Friends and their guests came and left, as it was convenient in their travels.

My friend suggested that we go up to where the whale blubber was stored, on the third floor, to watch the gulls. But as we headed in that direction, we came upon small groups of guests with whom we stopped to chat.

We chatted with a woman by herself, who told us that her dog would like to meet us. She said that it had told her that it would be happy to meet Tom. It arrived and greeted me eagerly, standing on its hind feet and reaching out to me with both front paws. It stood 6’2” or 3” and had longish, very white, frizzy hair.  Black nose and eyes.

The woman told us that the dog had been injured in an automobile accident and had been taken to the hospital. In the hospital bed, it spoke a sentence that revealed that it had been a young woman who recently had died in the hospital after being injured in such an accident. When I heard the sentence, I agreed that it was completely clear and obvious that the dog had been that young woman. Even as the dreamer I felt convinced. It was amazing, and wonderful.

After exchanging greetings with the dog, we walked on, with the intention of going outside and probably somewhere else. As the dreamer and the central character being dreamed, I knew, and didn’t know, that a pair of robbers had been casing the house, and that now they had come inside and were looking around.

We came to a room in which there were two men. “I” both knew and did not know that they were the robbers. As we left the room, I was interested in seeing how the dream would continue, how this situation would develop.

[At that point, in seemed to me that the dream did not “end” as dreams do, but rather that a sound outside my house had wakened me. As I woke up further, I hoped that I would quickly fall back to sleep, so that the dream would continue; but I had to get up to pee, alas, and so I’ll never know.]

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