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U Brexit U Own It U Fix It?

July 4, 2016

Being as it’s the 4th, I just want to say a patriotic word about money, power, greed, foolishness, and America. The word is democracy, but I might not have time to get back to it.

The E so-called U was broken before England voted to break out. What started as an idealistic project to join the European tribes in a common humanity of cooperation, peace, and prosperity, in the face of centuries of feudal aristocracy culminating in the horrors of Hitler and Stalin, has been co-opted by predators who know where the money is and go there to steal it.

For a brief time the money was in the pockets, and the muscles and brains, of workers. The question naturally arose, how could a respectable Neofeudalist transfer that wealth into his own pocket? That’s easy, if he owns the means of production of wealth and is in a position to manipulate economies. He can scare, trick, and drive those workers (including young London techies) into debt to him—financial debt, job insecurity, and psychological dependency. Then he lives off the interest.

By doing so, he devalues them and their lives. By making labor cheap, he cheapens the lives of laborers (everybody except himself and his cronies—his earls, dukes, hedgefunders, and leaders of political parties).

He weaves an economic and political snare from which nobody, not even himself, dare break away. If the moths begin to think that it is he who has ensnared them, and their fluttering threatens to tear the web, he injects more fear and distraction. It is they who are to blame, they threaten the web—they and those other fluttering moths.

As labor gets cheaper, his money becomes both more and less valuable and he must have a larger share of it to remain powerful.

The EU was broken by plutocrats, mostly German, French, and American, with the close cooperation of Thatcher and Reagan, and the opportunism of the Bushes, Clinton, Blair, and money-movers such as the heads of Goldman-Sachs.

Darn, I’ve run out of time. Gonna go watch the fireworks.

[Update: It was a nice show, although not as good as the ones when I was a kid. At any rate, the plutocrats who own us are not going to fix us. Fixing this calls for a transfer of ownership—by way of a well-functioning democracy; and that requires politicians who have the knowledge, objectivity, and guts to be honest with the people. Until then, things will just go worse for everybody, in England and everywhere else, except the plutocrats.

Article on “austerity.”

Good thinking about Brexit by Brent Budowsky in The Hill, including the outrageous failure of British leaders (and I would add US politicians) to be honest and informative about what has been done to England by the banksters.]

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