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That Is the Q (5)

June 30, 2016

Me:  Your bias is your concern that the party and nation are being compromised, dangerously, by Clintonite compromises with the interests of billionaire funders. Plus your concern that Clinton lacks adequate vision. Plus your nagging suspicion that Clinton sometimes misrepresents or obscures her intentions, etc.

Now that we’ve read the executive summary of the platform first-draft, are you feeling less compromised and misrepresented?

Author: Well I’m also biased against billionaires and against the status quo, which I think H is defending, against both B and T; and against T that’s a serious weakness. Plus the entrenched self-interest of some DNC personnel.

But H is not totally defending the status quo of male chauvinism. All the more power to her!

And yes, I’m feeling somewhat better about it. This paragraph sounds like my party:

“Issues already included in the draft and not discussed [because no disagreement] include: ending the era of mass incarceration, strengthening unions, support for the Equal Rights Amendment, prohibiting Pay for delay which keeps generic prescription drugs out of the market, drug reimportation and Medicare negotiation, expanding treatment and de-criminalizing drug and alcohol addiction, universal voter registration at age 18, support for programs to improve community – police relations, reproductive justice, gun violence prevention, ending systemic racism, non-discrimination for all LGBT Americans, cracking down on for-profit schools who engage in deceptive marketing, fraud and other illegal practices, opposition to any effort to privatize the VA; continue work to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, opposing drilling in the Arctic ocean or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, repudiating the use of torture, closing Guantanamo Bay, increasing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and advancing principled leadership to ensure that war is always the last resort, to name just a few.”

Me:   But isn’t that more “words, words, words”?

Author: Okay you got me. And it is hard to read in that form. But it’s a list of positions on which both the B people and the H people totally agreed, so maybe there’s something to it.

I like it as an “over all” painting of the perspective, intentions, and character of the party. Good unity of effect. H and Dem candidates at every level will run stronger if they can achieve that unity on some other key “images”—but to really be an image, the whole thing has to be more concrete, more like a pear.

H has to give us something we feel in our hand and eye. Something we want to come back to again and again. She has to show us something about life that we wouldn’t see if she hadn’t painted it. Something delicious and completely renewable.

Again, she’s doing it by running as our first real glimpse of a woman in the presidency. But I want to be able to believe that the image has nourishing substance.  Not just surface.  Not just tricks.

Not just something good in us, in our suppressed positive shadow, that we project onto her.

In that sense it isn’t about H any more than it’s about B.  It’s about us, as a whole, and we’ve got to get it together.

[Pages one two three four of this episode. 2 b cont, maybe right to the moment when the author puts his ballot in the mail. What could make him change his mind? Or me? Opinions welcomed.]

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