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Dream 6-29-16

June 30, 2016

With (vaguely) a friend, I open a series of little blue plastic boxes. Each is about the diameter of a quarter or maybe a 50-cent piece, but hexagonal or octagonal, and the thickness of a pencil. They turn out to be little treasure boxes. Each opens in the sense of its having a hinged compartment that opens out from each side. In the compartments of the first few boxes there are tiny, living, pike minnows. We comment positively on that content. But then the next three or four are home to creatures more like grubs, but in many colors. We comment, equally positively. We close every compartment after seeing what it holds, knowing that the beings inside will go on living, with potential for full development.

[Two notes:

H and I had discussed, the day before, my ability, in spite of old tired eyes, and mild cataracts, to see blue. In fact, earlier in the day, I had looked at a sunlit landscape, as if at a painting, and registered a blue container almost hidden in the bushes. And I had told H about the discovery, made in the process of combining chemicals, of an entirely new blue! (which I had learned about in a facebook post by Julia Lillard).

I wonder if the “vague” presence of a friend in a dream image such as this one is the equivalent of the reflexive, as in “je me souviens” or “il s’arrête.” The presence of oneself, in the sense of brain activity on the subconscious level, being self-observant, reflective.

Update:  Ha!  I had also, that afternoon, firmly registered, twice, the blue being worn (ha again, I first typed “warn”) by both Clinton and Warren at their appearance together, and its designation as the color of the Dem Party.

“The mind is its own place”—but it rarely goes there alone.]

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