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That Is the Q (4)

June 29, 2016

Me: I’m going to lightly bump the arm and try to jump the needle into the next groove. How can we

Author: Wait!…One last try at getting at what I’m trying to get. Bernie’s most important point is “political revolution.” He names the magnitude and urgency of the change that must be made.

Here’s the thing: Big Changes have to be made, in the distribution of money and power, and made soon, before the obsessively greedy few can consolidate so much wealth and power into their own hands that they will either eliminate democracy or render it irrelevant as a way of petitioning for redress of grievances, or in any other way taking ownership of our lives so as to improve them. They are trying to own everything and use everything to turn a profit (what a quaint ideological phrase).

At the same time, the self-interests of those few will lead them obsessively to create conditions of life that are intolerable, even unbearable. Imagine Syria on a global scale. Imagine the refugees.

It really isn’t hard to see, except in denial. But for us ordinary people, stress breeds addiction breeds denial. It can take the form of simple refusal of logic, apathy and learned helplessness, angry misdirection of blame, or spiteful self-destruction. Republicans are masters of promoting all of the above, including stress.


Me: Think nothing of it. [I’m afraid he’ll forget to breathe.]  How can we do what must get done?

Suppose, for the sake of the dialogue, that Clinton is not inclined to agree with your analysis, or that she does not grasp the impediment that is posed by the influence of obsessively wealthy persons and monopolistic corporations. You and I agree that we must get her elected.

I think that then we have to influence her to be our president, and the best way for the rest of us to influence her presidency is to work within the Dem party.

We’re in this spot partly because our political power is organized as a binary system, in which one party has become a threat to our democracy and general wellbeing. It is lost in the high grass of its lies, fantasies, delusions. It will be devoured by raptors before it can find its way out. Surely our only viable option is to wield the Dem party against those plutocrats and those raptors.

Author: “For the sake of the dialogue”—then we must conduct a political revolution within the Clintonite Dem party. It’s our party—if we stay in it, and if it will continue to have us. It has been my party since 1958. If I stay in it, I’m not going to stop working for meaningful change, the moment it awards its nomination for the presidency.

[Pages one and two and three of this episode. 2 b cont, maybe right to the moment when the author puts his ballot in the mail. What could make him change his mind? Or me? Opinions welcomed.]

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