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Dream 6-27-16

June 27, 2016

I was driving on a busy street and I heard a siren getting louder. In the mirror I saw the police car approaching, so I pulled over to the curb. The car behind me did the same. I sat there for awhile, but the police didn’t pass me. In the mirror I saw that the car behind was still sitting there, so I figured the cop was pulling us both over and was parked behind the other guy while checking our plates.

I sat there for awhile longer, watching the traffic go by and thinking about various things. The light, just a bit ahead, turned colors several times, and after awhile I noticed that I was parked at the curb. So when the light was still green and the waiting cars had pulled away, I rejoined the traffic. In the mirror I noticed the car behind me did the same.

But soon I heard the siren again, and I heard the policeman shouting, “Seat belt! Seat belt!” I realized that I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. That was why I was being stopped. That must have been true of the driver behind me also.

So I pulled over again, and so did the other guy. I got out my driver’s license, put on my seat belt, got the registration out of the glove compartment, and rolled down the window. While I sat waiting for the cop, I tried to make sense of myself.

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