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That is the Q (2)

June 25, 2016

Me: So you would risk electing T or another R by not voting for Clinton.

Author: Not really. I’ll calculate the risk. If I don’t “stay home” (i.e. if I take my ballot to the PO), and I don’t cast a vote for T, C will get the WA electors. Look at the D WA % beginning 1992: 43 (to 32, 24); ’96: 50 (to 37, 9); ’00: 50 (to 44.5); ’04: 53 (to 45; best R year nationally); ’08: 57 (to 40); ’12: 56 (to 41).

Me: Yes, and that Nader spoiler?

Author: Like I said, I’ll have to calculate the risk, maybe right to the last minute before I seal the envelope.

But the point is that in most states, especially swingers, I would have to vote D to stop the R. But in WA I can vote against the R, and protest the D, by voting Green. Voting for Jill Stein would be voting for a woman and a party whose values I share—and a candidate who recognizes the situation we’re in.

Me: But surely that describes Clinton and the Dem party too?!

Author: At this point, at least, I don’t see that. I hope they’ll show me. And in all honesty, I don’t know Clinton on the issues as well as I should, and as I will.

But for instance, I know young people who have a job, or two or three, and are struggling mightily to afford just a roof, food, and clothes. In a city like Seattle, they’d still be struggling at 15/hour. Clinton seems satisfied at 12. Are you kidding me? And of course that wouldn’t be right away.

[Me: 30 minutes later, just now learned that the Dem platform committee rejected 15, 8-6. Seriously, they’re trying to make the Author’s case for him. They’re saying that what America needs is more austerity. Maybe we need a “brexit” (but compare this with Trumpism) from the Dem party?]

Me: Yes, I know who you mean. Not to mention the homeless. Not to mention middle-aged couples whose house needs more repairs each year, because that’s what time does, but whose salaries are rotting along with the house.

Author: But that’s just one, daily, illustration of the crisis that I don’t see Clinton and the Dem Establishment responding to.

[Page one of this episode.  2 b cont, maybe right to the moment when the author puts his ballot in the mail. What could make him change his mind? Or me? Opinions welcomed.]

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