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Dream 6-17-16

June 17, 2016

I was among twenty or so contestants on a game show. To win $10,000 we had to name the contested person. We were sitting at tables where we each wrote our best guess on a piece of paper. I felt confident about mine, Herbert Hoover. While we waited for the show to continue, the young woman sitting next to me left the room and I saw that she had simply copied my name. If I won, I would have to split the prize.

She came back, walking across a dried lawn, carrying her one-year-old. It was obvious in her appearance that she constantly struggled to minimally support herself and her baby. She had nothing of value, except this child who would be her daughter as long as she lived.

The host of the show, a large, amiable woman, now walked around the room, reading aloud the names on the papers. When she read mine, I could tell from a note of surprise in her voice that my name was a winner.

She returned to the stage and announced that, remarkably, someone had guessed the winning name from a show some years back.

So I had not won 10,000 or even 5000; but it was not a big deal.

The young woman said for the camera that she felt good about it, because, when she heard that she would be a contestant, she set aside $10 to make sure that she would have something special after the show.

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