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Dream 6-15-16

June 15, 2016

I was living with my family on pleasant, rolling farmland, with a nice house and, in the near distance, a red barn. One night it rained steadily, and in the morning the farm was flooding, as from a swollen river. But the rain continued, and soon there was water as far as we could see in every direction.   The waves overwhelmed the barn and it sank. The water appeared to be an ocean, with waves that were stories high—not like surfer waves, but like constant eruptions.

We went somewhere safe, in a city. The next day, as evening approached I was walking home through the city streets. A group of people, vaguely sinister, were following me, somewhat as if they were competing to reach a destination ahead of me. I was determined to stay in front of them, and I was succeeding.

I approached the Golden Hotel (with an orange-golden stone facade), which would be on my right as I walked past. High on its façade it had two, large ornamental architectural features, sticking out like antlers. As I passed under the first, I looked up and saw that it was a woman’s hand, in proportion like the hand of a goddess, with her palm up and very lengthy fingers reaching out. I saw the other hand ahead, but it looked disfigured. As I passed under it, I saw that one finger had broken off, and only half of another remained.

I felt sure that I would arrive ahead of the others.

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