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Notice of Bankruptcy

June 14, 2016

After stumbling through the 1930s and 40s the GOP tried to regain its footing in 1952, but slipped by nominating a crook for vice president. Its slide picked up speed during the 70s and became irreversible in 1980 when it nominated a racist B movie cowboy actor for the presidency. In 2000 it closed its eyes and continued falling, until it lay unmoving in a heap of denial. In 2016, eyes wide open, with its presidential nomination of a protofascist (American style) borderline clown, it finally will file papers admitting to intellectual and moral bankruptcy.   Represented by S. Adelson, it will appear before a special panel of judges Arendt, Goldman, and presiding judge Lincoln (bailiff, T. Roosevelt).

It has been rumored in the speculative press that some GOP creditors are weighting their portfolios more heavily Dem.

In 2017 the Koch Bros (NLC) might be able to complete their acquisition of the GOP at a greatly reduced price, if they still think it’s worth acquiring.

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