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What’s Happnin (6-7-16)

June 8, 2016

Drumpf is flailing, far out. In over his head. Everybody hears him, but can he hear us? Some Repubs think he is waving at them, some think he is drowning, some want him to drown and get it over with. But who else can they suit up, and as life guard or substitute racer?

Enuf of the metaphor, the R Establishment does not want Drumpf to manage the Party, because it is unclear what his management implies about their jobs, and about the continuing support of the owners of the Party—indeed whether his candidacy would precipitate a new ownership arrangement (what would be the role, for instance, of the Bush conglomerate, or Koch Bros (NLC), or Murdock Media. But they are not sufficiently in agreement about whom they do want as CEO. They’re all in over their heads by now. More than one tastes salt.

In the meantime, even before CA, more R votes have been cast for Drumpf than for any previous candidate, including W [and now more than a million Californians have come out to cheer him on].

The Dem Establishment, meanwhile, made a long-range strategic deal, in 2008.   Joint management, including a major owner, Clinton Intrnl Charities. In order to maximize Obama’s chance of winning the election, Hillary would endorse him, Bill would campaign for him, Hillary would become Sec of State and the Party’s nominee in 2016.   The fix was in, and almost everybody was happy with the arrangement. Neither management nor ownership of the Party would change hands. The rank and file would like the opportunity to elect our first black president and then our first woman president. That’s a big opportunity—offered only by Dems, btw.

But much more changed, in the next seven years, than was anticipated, as a result of global warming, the acceleration of our mal-distribution of wealth, slower than anticipated recovery of the national economy (because of an international trade system that favored the super-rich, Administration underestimation of the depth of recession, and Rep scorched-earth obstruction). A lot of people are hurting, and a lot more will hurt if government does not adequately change to meet the problems.

By the spring of 2016, a lot of voters believed that world and national problems were so large and urgent that the Dem Establishment candidate did not offer an accurate assessment of them, or of what must be done to solve them. That was because of her alliance with persons and corporations who wield the power of Big Money and whose interests therefore run counter to effective solutions.

An alternative Dem volunteered. But the fix is still in, because the Party Establishment feels too threatened by this prospect of new management, and they are happy with their owners. Those owners simply will not accept new management.

The question now, is whether the Dem Establishment can be changed, somehow, sufficiently and soon enough. And if so, what are the implications for ownership?

And what will be the additional pressures for change, if our severe problems are not son solved?

The plot does thicken, dear reader.

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