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Hillary, Mohammad, and Malcolm

June 8, 2016

Maybe Hillary has powerfully spoken truth to power, simply by putting herself in a position to become the President of the USA, as I believe she will.

She still seems to me to be the candidate of Big Money more than the candidate of the people, but in her talk she has moved Left. This article in Think Progress presents some revised positions (Keystone XL, minimum wage, Wall St, Trade, Medicare, Social Security, drilling the arctic) and some unrevised (capital punishment, carbon pricing, fracking).

I think this makes a good preliminary checklist for what she needs to do as President. But I still think that doing what is necessary runs counter to the interests and the inclinations of the Dem faction of the billionaire owners (and perhaps those of management: the Dem Party Establishment and the Clintons). *

Most important, for our good, she must do the right things on global warming, inequality of distribution of wealth, and the power of money in politics.

Bernie and all of us must hold her to her words, push her to even better positions and actions, and make it possible for her to lead in solving our urgent problems.

Yes, Bernie. As he has pointed out and Obama has demonstrated, no President can do it by herself. Democratic voters, on the Left and in the Middle, will have to make sure that it gets done.

* In the words of Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: “The lust for loot, which now defines the Democratic establishment, became pronounced in the Bill Clinton years, when the Clinton-friendly Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) abandoned its liberal roots and embraced “market-based solutions” that led to deregulation, tax breaks, and subsidies for the 1 percent. Seeking to fill coffers emptied by the loss of support from a declining labor movement, Democrats rushed into the arms of big business and crony capitalists.”

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