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How It Will Go Down

June 1, 2016

Predictions are more fun if made from the end of a very long limb, so I’m not even waiting for June 7.

(1) Bernie will close the gap enough to be able to make a good argument for nominating him, as the best move for the nation and the party; but the Establishment of the Dem Party simply will not accept him as their nominee. They will protect their personal investments.

(2) Hillary will be nominated (i.e. absent an explosion in the email investigation before the vote, which I think is possible but unlikely).

(3) Bernie will win the election for Hillary. *

* But, in order for this to happen, H will have to make it possible for B supporters to believe that they are not being duped. She will have to credibly espouse (so to speak) all of B’s vision and many of his proposals, so that we can hold her to it. In this regard, her biggest problem will be convincing progressives that she will not be owned by Big Money. Frankly, I don’t know that she can do what has to be done.

(4) Bernie will push for a huge progressive voter turnout, with the result that his supporters, added to Hillary’s, will produce a wave election that will swamp the Republicans, giving us a congress that will pass progressive legislation.

(The Hedge: Does Joe Biden become a major character in this plot?  [I see the article is now locked; it’s a reasoned argument, and suggests this Biden role.]  I’m thinking Biden and a progressive woman V P candidate, with B playing the same role as above—Biden can beat Trump, but Bernie can provide the tsunami.  But Biden would have to be convincing, too, for instance on TPP. He already has a good rep for supporting the working class, in spite of Delaware and corporations, and he would clearly be a defense of the O legacy. It would be like moving the championship game to a neutral court. I think this move is unlikely, but it would not surprise me. I think it would be a good step in the needed reform of the Clintonite “New Dem” party, and Biden would be more likely than H to seriously move B’s agenda.)

Btw, the author is less sanguine than I; but I’m the narrator here, and I’m hormonally optimistic.

The thing is, Bernie is a very smart politician, and totally committed to his vision of a just and healthy society. His vision has not become distorted by the delusion of real politik, cynicism, or alliance with Big Money. He will not be owned. He will do whatever he can to turn his vision into reality, because that’s what makes his life meaningful. He has taken a major step toward doing so by running such an effective campaign of education and motivation. Possibly he will yet achieve significant progressive reforms within the Party, because a lot of Dem elected politicians and current candidates agree with him and will see their electoral future dependent upon reform.

As he has recently declared, he will do everything in his power to prevent working class Americans from being screwed by Trump. By doing so, he will enhance the power of the progressive movement that he has called into action.

I can’t wait to vote! Wait, I can’t vote, I’m just a narrator. But you, dear reader, can (I hope).

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