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What a Shame?

May 28, 2016

Drumpf campaigns by being himself, unstable but relentless. A major campaign tactic emerges as his character emerges (I’m seeing a hollow point bullet—take a look).

He shames people.

As I’ve mentioned on other pages, I think an important thing about shaming someone is that it devalues them to the point of socially ostracizing them and personally questioning their right to exist, their worth, even annuling their existence. Sometimes persons feel so socially shamed and personally ashamed that they kill themselves.

Drumpf is an obsessively competitive character who can’t stand having a competitor. He wants competitors to cease to exist. Ergo, he envelopes them in shame.

At the same time, he realizes that millions of Americans feel shamed by their sense of economic failure (there is documentation that during the Depression husbands and wives became so ashamed of themselves and each other that they stopped sleeping together) and by a Liberal Establishment that tells them how wrong they are about life and how little they are worth. He exploits their shame and fear by making them feel proud again; he tells them that they are right about life, and right about having been economically and socially betrayed and ostracized. He gives them the right to hope.

Is this shameful on his part? Is he shameless? Surely we want him to go away, but let’s not shame him or his followers; let’s just say that, from the beginning of this narration, this character has lacked a certain sense of Decency.

I’m thinking that he takes it very personally, as he flounders for personhood within his persona. He is not likely to find himself anywhere, but exposure by brave and compassionate honesty might help others to see him for what he is. It is, in fact, about a person.

The media have something to do with political persona-making, as Drumpf well knows. Here’s a reporter responding to Joe McCarthy and his red-baiting. Parties play a role in it too; eventually Ike helped take McCarthy down.

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